Dump Products

Dump Tarp Systems & Accessories

Our dump systems are designed with the specific needs of dump trucks in mind. These systems specialize in high-heat, high durability, and side dump trucks. Find the right fit for your dump system needs.

Easy Cover

This best-selling, front-to-back tarp system is available in automatic and manual, with numerous spring and tarp options.

Crank-N-Go 3

Now tarping a dump is no trouble at all! With the Crank-N-Go® 3 tarp system, you’re covered in seconds—with no climbing, no ropes to tie down, no hassles.

Easy Pull

Economical and easy-to-use, this manual tarp system gives you the same durability and quality as others, in an economical product.

PowerLock & Kwik-Lock Dump

With just the flip of a switch the PowerLock electric side-to-side roll tarp can cover your trailer automatically. The Kwik-Lock™ manual side-to-side roll tarp system allows you to secure your load quickly and easily from the ground for ease of covering and uncovering.


The Roll-N-Pull is Aero Industries’ standard, manual dump truck front-to-back tarp system.

SideKick 2

Designed specifically for side-dump trailers, this tarp system uses innovative parts to ensure strength and more torque to tighten the tarp when covered.


Aero’s UHMW liners for the construction and asphalt industries are tested for the highest quality and durability.