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Say Goodbye to Throwing Tarps

Like the original Conestoga, the Conestoga XP features our smooth and durable steel wheels on a stainless steel track system with the same innovative design. However, the Conestoga XP features redesigned speed lock systems on both the front and rear of the system. This allows the driver to open and close the system quicker, while still providing the same security as the previous generations of the Conestoga.

Versatile Design

The Conestoga XP features several new innovations to reduce the operation time and increase the efficiency of the system.

Watch a video about CXP’s versatility.

Conestoga Innovative Features

Many of the features on our original systems continue to be in demand among our customers. Aero wanted to ensure the Conestoga XP maintained the innovative qualities that accompany the Conestoga name.

Uplift Bows

  • • Reduces tarp pleating to maximize inside loading clearance
  • • Choose from quad, double or quint uplift bows
  • • Quad bows designed for tall loads; reduce tarp sag to 4-6”
  • • Double uplift bows reduce tarp sag to 8-10”
  • • Quint bows reduce tarp sag to 2-3”
  • • Patented spring shocks on uplift bows reduce vibrations from road conditions and maximize tarp lift
  • • Less wear and tear on tarp
  • • Virtually maintenance-free,no fastener

DOT-Rated Bulkhead

• Only DOT-Rated bulkhead to meet both the U.S. Department of Transportation width regulation 658.16 (b)(2)(vi) and standard 393.114 (c)(2) for loads up to 50,000 lbs. (patented)

• Sleek, smooth design is aerodynamically designed to reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency

• 10” wrap for maximum loading area

• Built-in front lock assemblies for maximum loading clearance

• Polished Aluminum Front Sheet

Bulkhead Access Door

The bulkhead access door is 6’H x 3’W and allows for front entry without first unlocking the system at the front or rear. Any bulkhead with a door is non-DOT rated.

Conestoga TD – Drop Deck

HotspotImages_179x100_0000s_0000s_0001_Conestoga-TD---Drop-DeckThis system fully transitions to the top deck of your truck, with a double track system for a smooth transition onto the top deck.

Conestoga LD – Drop Deck

HotspotImages_179x100_0000s_0000s_0000_LD-TruckThe drop deck system opens from the top deck or lower deck, with a lock at the drop for stability. A double track system allows for a smooth transition onto the bottom deck.

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