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Options to Fit the Way You Work

EasyCover®, Aero’s attractive front-to-back tarp system, is the perfect compliment for your truck or trailer. It features the strongest springs and arms in the industry for consistent quality performance and unsurpassed durability. Engineered to industry-leading standards to make this the most reliable and easy-to-use system, available in electric and manual models.

Spring Options

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PowerPack Sidemount Spring (Model 475 and 575)


  • Industry’s strongest, side-mount spring (patented double helix).
  • Housing provides protection from the elements and is easily installed, with no welding required.
  • Universal design eliminates need for left and right spring.
  • Ideal for dump truck and trailer bodies up to 25′.

Watch a video about the Easy Cover PowerPack Sidemount Spring.

Undermount/Underbody Spring (Models 400, 450, 500, and 550)


  • Industry’s best undermount spring.
  • Quick and easy to install, with no welding required.
  • All components are plated or powder coated.
  • Ideal for dump truck and trailer bodies up to 40′.
5-Spring Mount (Models 485 and 585)


  • Industry’s strongest spring.
  • Ideal for limited mounting space, with no welding required.
  • Ideal for trailer bodies 34-38′ in length.
10-Spring Mount (Model 595)


  • Utilizes Aero®’s patented double helix spring.
  • Easy to install or replace.
  • Provides optimal strength and power.
  • Ideal for longer trailer bodies up to 53′.
Series Spring (Model 465 and 565)


  • Designed for high mount applications up to 21′; this system can be mounted high or low on the dump body.
  • Enough torque in the covered position to keep the arms from lifting and bouncing.
  • Springs are active in providing torque for 280° of rotation. Two sets of springs work together in series to double the range of motion from 140° to 280°.


Front Options

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Adjustable Wind Deflector

  • No cutting or drilling required.
  • One-piece adjustable deflector.
  • Available with or without end plates.
  • Reduces drag.
  • Extends tarp life.
Tarp Housing

  • Pre-assembled tarp housing ideal for trailers with radius or diagonal front corners.
  • Aerodynamic design.
  • No welding.
  • Reduces drag.
  • Extends tarp life.>


Arm Options

  • Shape of the arm extrusion makes our arms the strongest, yet lightest-weight aluminum arms in the industry
  • Unbreakable with normal use
  • Polished aluminum arms and steel arms available
  • Both aluminum and steel arms are easy to install and adjustable to fit nearly any size dump body

Electric or Manual

  • Easy Cover is available in a variety of electric or manual models.
Industry’s Best Manual Crank
  • Smooth, one-handed operation.
  • Operates from the ground.
  • Positive locking ratchet and pawl.
  • Works in conjunction with friction brake to ensure safety and ease of operation.
  • Available on Easy Cover Model 400 Series.

Tarp Types


  • Available in asphalt grade or mesh material.
  • Two standard widths 7′ or 9′ with optional expandable bungee.
  • Custom tarps and colors are available at an additional cost.

Electric Models

  • • Model 500: Undermount spring with steel arms
  • • Model 550: Undermount Spring with aluminum arms
  • • Model 565: Series Spring
  • • Model 575: PowerPack Spring
  • • Model 585: 5-Spring
  • • Model 595: 10-Spring/Scrap & Demolition

Manual Models

  • • Model 400: Undermount spring with steel arms
  • • Model 450: Undermount Spring with aluminum arms
  • • Model 465: Series Spring
  • • Model 475: PowerPack Spring
  • • Model 485: 5-Spring

easy-cover-safety-labelALERT: New Operation/Maintenance Easy Cover® Safety Labels (part #0920-039001) now available at no charge.

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