About Us

Aero has long been recognized as a transportation industry innovator.

Contributions to efficiency and productivity include: The first Side Kits for flatbed trailers, the first side-to-side tarp system, and the Conestoga — a sliding tarp system that turns a flatbed into a fully covered van in just seconds.

Developing products first and always enhancing the products in our catalogue, Aero Industries holds over 75 patents in the U.S. and Canada and holds copyrights and trademarks for nearly every product they manufacture.

Aero prides themselves with the research that goes into each of their products. Utilizing months of testing, Aero analyzes every variable to determine the most efficient and effective solution.

FEA Testing

Aero now utilizes Finite Element Analysis software and destructive testing when developing new parts. By knowing how a design will perform on the road, engineers can create stronger, more efficient parts

CFD Analysis

Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis is used to determine the airflow and resistance of a design. Aero uses these tests to determine the fuel economy of their products.

When you partner with Aero, we will use every tool to ensure your success on the road. For more information about how Aero is continuing to innovate the industry.

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