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Revolutionary New Tarp System

Built from the ground up, the AeroForce ROC tarp system delivers the ultimate roll-off application versatility, strength, and security.

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More Downforce

Our revolutionary compression spring technology out muscles the competition

At the heart of the AeroForce system is our patent pending internal compression spring technology. A single AeroForce compression spring delivers almost 2x more downforce when compared to competitor springs. The heavy duty, all aluminum arm construction protects the spring from road and environmental elements, ensuring maximum spring longevity.

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Spring Technology Casing

The industry’s most powerful spring

Our patent pending internal compression spring technology is engineered to perform in even the harshest operating conditions.

AeroForce Medium Spring Arm

Minimizes spring fatigue and tension loss over time 2 compression spring = 16 clock springs

AeroForce compression spring AeroForce Compression Spring AeroForce Compression Spring
competitor's clock spring Competitor Springs
Engineered for greater clearance versatility and strength

The three-stage, Dual-cylinder tower and AeroForce sliding pivots are designed for maximum versatility

The AeroForce ROC system’s sliding pivots and tower are designed to provide significantly more flexibility than the industry leading systems as it covers 20, 30, and 40 yard containers. The AeroForce tower has a two stage design providing 48″ of vertical travel. Available with optional work lights.

  • 102
  • 90
  • 78
  • 66
  • 54

The sliding pivots on the AeroForce system travel 28″, yet another reason why the AeroForce system provides significantly more length versatility.

Distance of Travel
3.1 Optional Mounts Available

Optional mounts are available for the ROC tower lift. Please contact Aero to determine which is best suited for your trailer and system set up.

U-bolt bracket enables quick, secure tower mounting
AeroForce ROC U-Bolt Bracket Mount
Standard bolt bracket provides trusted mounting security
AeroForce ROC Standard Bracket Mount
Review Optional Mounts

Our system’s internal clearance further widens the gap from our competition

The 102.7″ internal width clearance of the AeroForce ROC tarp system allows you to better maintain system integrity.

108 Inches
AeroForce ROC Internal Clearance Brochure Rendering

Our heavy duty AeroMax motor stays cool under pressure

At the heart of the AeroForce system is our proprietary AeroMax motor. Utilizing hypoid gear technology, our motor provides maximum force.

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  • All metal construction
  • Maintains 3″ width
  • Self-locking gears — no mechanical or magnetic brake
  • Built-in manual override
  • Gore-Tex® vent and internal fan keep motor cool and dry under the harshest of conditions
Optional AeroMax Motor

Wireless controls give you the ability to operate from the ground

The wireless controls on the AeroForce ROC tarp system allow the operator to safely and accurately view the system throughout operation.

  • Fits in the palm of your hand
  • Easily open and close the full tarp system
  • Full control of all 48″ of vertical tower travel
  • Full control of all 28″ of horizontal pivot slide travel
  • Turns work lights on and off (on select models)
  • Lock and unlock remote
  • Backlit for increased visibility
AeroForce ROC Remote Control Graphic

Tarp Materials

Various fabrics available, including Monster Mesh — a rugged fabric that is hurricane tested.

Multiple widths available to fit each application
AeroForce ROC Tarp Materials

Tarp Housing

Sloped design provides maximum drainage of debris and water.

Available with optional work lights
AeroForce ROC Tarp Housing

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