Side-to-Side Tarp System

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Revolutionary New Tarp System

A revolutionary new tarp system built from the ground up, delivering the ultimate in versatility, durability, and performance.

This AeroForce side-to-side tarp system is designed for multiple trailer configurations including end dump and refuse, so no matter what the application, we have the right tarp system for you.

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Our revolutionary internal compression spring technology is built for the long haul

*Shown with optional AeroMax motor

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1.1 Revolutionary Springs

Our patent pending internal compression spring technology is engineered to perform in even the harshest operating conditions. The heavy duty, all aluminum arm construction protects the spring from road and environmental elements, ensuring maximum spring longevity.


Minimizes spring fatigue and tension loss over time 1 compression spring = 8 clock springs

AeroForce compression spring AeroForce Compression Spring
competitor's clock spring Competitor Springs

Minimizes spring fatigue and tension loss over time 1 compression spring = 8 clock springs

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Attractive and low profile
Our AeroMax motor technology is an industry game changer

2.1 Industry’s only modular motor and gear box design

AeroForce is easily installed to the trailer front and tailgate. The AeroMax motor design allows for snug installation (3.25″) against the trailer, greatly reducing the opportunity for damage. A Gore-Tex® vent and an internal fan ensure the motor remains cool and free of moisture at all times.

  • All metal construction
  • Maintains 3″ width
  • Gore-Tex® vent and internal fan keep motor cool and dry under the harshest of conditions
  • Built-in manual override
  • Self-locking gears — no mechanical or magnetic brake
AeroForce Torque Amplifier
Optional AeroMax Motor
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Fits tight to the trailer minimizing damage risk

Built from all metal construction, our unique torque amplifier was designed to maintain 3″ width clearance requirements when in the open or closed position.


ForceLink rear arm assembly is rugged yet provides flexibility

The unique chain design of the ForceLink rear arm allows for use on overslung tailgates, as well as full rotation of side swing and bi-fold doors.

Chain allows for maximum tail gate opening

Modular design allows for installation flexibility

The AeroForce pivots were designed for ease of installation and total installation flexibility. Using the same components, the tarp can be installed as either a standard roll or reverse roll. The modular design was purposely engineered to utilize like components on both the front and rear.

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