Generations of Innovation

From its start in 1944, Aero Industries has earned a reputation for innovation and resilience, even among its competitors. Paul Tuerk founded the company on bedrock values…more

Robert Tuerk

Long-time Aero CEO Robert Tuerk knew that, to be successful, the company had to meet its customers’ needs. Here’s a look at four times in Aero’s history when this philosophy…more

Margaret Rice

When Aero’s first employee, Margaret Rice, began sewing tarps in 1945, By the time Rice retired, Aero would be renowned throughout the transportation world for its innovations…more

Aero’s Nylon Revolution

In 1949, Aero Industries launched an innovative waterproof, vinyl-coated nylon product line, perhaps inspired by Aero Founding Father Paul Tuerk’s experience at Real Silk Hosiery…more

Aero Helps with Legislation

Aero introduced its revolutionary rolling-tarp system, the Conestoga, in 1984 to immediate fanfare. With a Conestoga, a driver could back a truck to a dock, unload and be back on the road in seven minutes — faster than it took to hard boil an egg. But a decade later, legal problems threatened Aero’s most popular product — and the drivers who used it. Resolving the issues would require change at the national level…more


It’s been said that “If Paul could fit a woman, he could fit a truck.” Aero Industries Founding Father Paul Tuerk’s tailoring skills literally began with fitting women’s bodies. How did he get from Point A (slips and bras) to Point B (custom-fitted tarps)? Here’s the story in pictures…more