Agriculture Products

Agriculture Tarp Systems & Accessories

Aero’s grain systems were created to meet the unique needs of agricultural trucks, trailers, and wagons. Taking our cue from the most popular dump products, we’ve created innovative tarps and a hydraulic door opener that will make your agricultural equipment easier to work with and more reliable.


An automated electric over hydraulic pump system for hopper doors.

PowerLock & Kwik-Lock Grain

With just the flip of a switch the PowerLock™ electric side-to-side roll tarp can cover your trailer automatically. The Kwik-Lock™ side-to-side roll tarp system allows you to secure your load quickly and easily from the ground.

SideKick 2

Designed specifically for side-dump trailers, this tarp system uses innovative parts to ensure strength and more torque to tighten the tarp when covered.