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Human Resources Director

Behind each product we make is a team of skilled employees who create systems to suit our customers’ needs. Each tarp, kit and system is crafted with excellence and care. “Our employees take a lot of pride in their work,” Human Resources Director Lisa said. “If they get to see a unit that they built out on the road, they’re pointing it out to their family and their friends.”

Aero innovation energizes us as much as it does our customers.


“When it comes to our personal life, I think they really understand,” said Montserrat. “It’s a big difference and a huge help for people, especially for moms…more


Our dedication to investing in our employees is part of the Aero legacy. “I knew after touring the facility and talking to the employees that culture was not a problem,” said Michael…more


“Aero pretty much took a gamble with me, because no other job wanted to hire me,” said Gamaliel, team lead in training. “I took it and ran with it…more

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