Dump Products: Crank-N-Go 3


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  • Aluminum Front Assembly

    The aluminum front assembly is attractive and lightweight with a hidden axle and second idler that reduces cable slippage.

  • Bows and Removable Bow Ends

    The bows and removable bow ends are constructed of strong, steel tubing designed to slide easily along cables.

  • Anti-Lift

    Fixed cable constantly holds down tarp to enhance security and wind-resistance—continuous anti-lift, regardless of where tarp is positioned.

  • Anti-Shift

    Anti-shift is a standard component on all Crank-N-Go 3 kits, designed into the bow end. Every bow is equipped with anti-shift.

  • Rear Power Bow

    The reinforced double rear bow adds extra strength.

  • Rear Idlers

    The rear idlers’s heavy-duty construction allows for greater durability.

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Engineered to Keep You Rolling

Now tarping a dump is no trouble at all! With the Crank-N-Go 3 tarp system from Aero Industries, you’re covered in seconds—with no climbing, no ropes to tie down, no hassles. We’ve made significant improvements to our new Crank-N-Go 3 tarp system. Crank-N-Go 3 is available in both electric and manual versions. So either flip the switch or turn the crank, and the tarp and bows slide forward or backward over your load. It’s that simple!

  • • An attractive, aluminum front assembly with tabs for easy installation
  • • Removable bow ends for easy bow and tarp replacement—no need to detach cables
  • • New anti-lift design allows for continuous security of your load regardless of where the tarp is positioned
  • • Tarps available in mesh or semi-waterproof vinyl heavy-duty

Tarp Types

  • Available in electric or manual.
  • Available in vinyl or mesh material.

Installation Manuals

  • Crank-n-Go 3 Installation Instructions for Units with a 6″ Drop

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  • Crank-n-Go 3 Installation Instructions

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Interactive Manuals

Print Materials

Templates and Manuals

  • Crank-N-Go 3 Parts List

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  • Crank-N-Go II – Wiring Diagram – Reverse DC Contactor w/Rocker Switch

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  • Crank-N-Go II Manual

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