Refuse Products: Roll Tarps


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  • Easy Off Roll Stops

    No tools are required to remove and reinstall the tarp.

  • Attached Fabric End Flaps

    The fabric end flaps seal the front of the trailer while the tarp is in the closed position.

  • Ratchets

    Ratchets secure the tarp while in closed position.

  • Opening and Closing Options

    Opening and closing options include a ground-level rear crank, front hand crank, and attached full rope pulls.

  • Tarp Types

    Available in asphalt grade or mesh material. Two standard widths 7' or 9' with optional expandable bungee.

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Swiftly and Easily Cover Your Trailer

In a matter of minutes, your trailer can be completely uncovered using the Aero side-to-side roll tarp system. Just undo the straps and smoothly crank the roll tarp across the trailer.

Opening and Closing Options

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Ground-Level Rear Crank


  • Manually rolls tarp system open or closed at rear of trailer from the ground level.
Front Hand Crank


  • Opens the tarp system from the front catwalk (catwalk and ladder not included).
Attached Full Rope Pulls


  • Allow tarp system to be pulled closed from the ground, eliminating the need to crank.


Tarp Types


  • Available in asphalt grade or mesh material.
  • Two standard widths 7′ or 9′ with optional expandable bungee.
  • Custom tarps and colors are available at an additional cost.

Interactive Manuals

  • Classic Roll Tarp – Installiation Instructions

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Print Materials

Templates and Manuals

  • Classic Roll Tarp – Installation Instructions

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