Refuse Products: The LID 2


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  • Rear Seal

    An adjustable brush seal keeps the trash in.

  • Modular Design

    A modular-bolted design makes installation and repairs a snap.

  • Full Length Torque Tubes

    The full-length torque tubes allow the entire frame to smoothly and easily move in unison.

  • Rugged Components

    The pivot hinge, with service free oil coated bushings, never requires greasing.

  • Robust Glide Block

    The Glide Block is more durable than competitors’ rollers.

  • Hydraulic Cylinder

    The hydraulic cylinder can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

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The Strongest Just Got Stronger

The industry’s strongest refuse flip tarp system is now lighter, faster and stronger than ever. After analyzing the strength’s of the original design, we’ve developed a product that utilizes the benefits while eliminating the weaknesses. The second-generation product provides a more durable design along with an easier to maintain structure, which minimizes repair costs.

Frame stores flush against side wall when open

Fully Modular Design

Easy to install and repair

Universal Design

Front assembly can be mounted on driver or passenger side, in the horizontal or vertical position

Dependable Operation

Durable hydraulic cylinder has minimal mechanical components, with Glide Block/track for smooth, reliable operation

Industry’s Best Seal

Mount-Side Top Rail: Composite panel strip seals area between torque tube and top rail Opposite-Side Top Rail: Hinged-cable guides bring tarp down over the side rail Rear: Adjustable brush provides seal against the tailgate

Power Options

Choose a model that uses the trailer’s hydraulics, or a model that has a self-contained electric hydraulic pump

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