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Aero Fairing

Easy to install, this innovative aerodynamic solution attaches to your flatbed toolbox and provides valuable fuel savings. It seamlessly integrates with any underbody toolbox including our durable AeroBox.



AeroBoxes stand tough through the harshest weather and road conditions. With several models to choose from, our boxes are built to last. Aero is the industry leading manufacturer of flatbed and drop deck trailer toolboxes.

AeroForce F2B

The AeroForce front to back tarp system provides nearly twice the downforce versus the competition. This additional downforce reduces arm bounce and system wear and tear, while keeping your load safe and secure.  AeroForce arms are up to 8 times stronger than competitors’ models.


Realize up to 4% fuel savings with AeroTail. Our patented collapsible, streamlined design is always deployed at speed, ensuring continual savings.  The AeroTail requires no driver interaction, as the driver simply opens the doors to store the AeroTail between the doors and the trailer side wall.



Aero bulkheads provide strength and security for your driver and the load. DOT-rated bulkheads come in 10″ and 22″ wrap models. Flat (no wrap) non-DOT rated models also available.


Easy Cover ROC

Aero’s Easy Cover ROC systems offer solutions for similar height roll-off containers up to 35′ and luggers and containers up to 25′. Both models feature strong springs and Aero’s proven arm technology, working together to provide reliable and consistent performance for refuse applications.

Easy Pull

Easy Pull is an affordable alternative to manually covering a load with throw tarp.  Using a rope from the ground, the tarp is easily deployed to cover the load.  A spring-loaded mechanism quickly and safely recoils the tarp to the front when not in use.

Refuse Roll Tarps

Whether your application is a transfer trailer or roll-off container, Aero’s manual side-to-side Roll Tarp systems are designed to keep your load safe and secure. Our Classic Roll tarp system is closed using a series of web straps and ratchets while our Kwik-Lock system locks in place without straps, cables, or tie downs.


Roll-N-Pull is an easy to operate, manual crank, front-to-back tarp system for dump trucks.

Side Kits

Aero invented the Side Kit for flatbed and drop deck trailers. It remains the strongest, lightest, and most durable Side Kit in the industry. Select the aluminum stake and panel option that works best for your needs and application.

SideKick 2

The SideKick 2 is the proven best solution for side dump trailers. Our high-lift design allows more clearance and greater payload as well as a tighter seal against the top-side-rail.