Aeroforce Easy Cover User Letter

Aeroforce Easy Cover User Letter

February, 2014

Dump truck body or trailer tarp systems that utilize metal arms rotating under spring tension (like the Easy Cover) are common in the industry and have been around for many years. A lot of energy is stored in the spring tension systems and is dangerous if unintentionally or improperly released. In the past few years, such incidents have resulted in injury and even death. While Aero understands that the most serious incidents have taken place when the units were damaged and improperly repaired, Aero is undertaking a safety initiative in hopes of preventing any future injuries.

Therefore, PLEASE BE ADVISED that potential hazards exist in the use and/or repair of the Aero Easy Cover tarp system. This notice is being sent to known users of Easy Cover tarp systems to provide education on safety labeling and operation instructions in order to avoid any harm from those hazards. TO HELP PREVENT INJURIES OR DEATH, PLEASE READ THIS NOTICE AND THE ENCLOSED LABEL IN FULL AND COMPLY WITH THESE INSTRUCTIONS.

This Aero safety initiative includes the issuance of new safety labels for all of its Easy Cover systems and replacement arms, as well as new or improved instructions for the installation, operation, and maintenance of these systems. The safety labels are deemed a new part of the system and provide information on common hazards, how to use and repair the Easy Cover systems, and how to replace key components. A copy of the new safety label is attached to this notice, and new labels should be ordered (free of charge) per the below instructions for each Easy Cover tarp system that you own. All of the new and updated manuals are also available to access and print from Aero’s website, or can be ordered free of charge as noted below.

Please keep all users of your Easy Cover product safe by following these INSTRUCTIONS:

  1. Please discontinue use of your Easy Cover if any parts of it are broken or damaged. Call Aero at 800-535-9545 for assistance in repairing or replacing those parts before further use of the Easy Cover system.
  2. Immediately notify and train all of your users and maintenance/repair personnel respecting the content of this Notice, including the enclosed label and the new/improved manuals to operate and maintain the system.
  3. Order the new safety labels (at no cost to you) by calling 888-535-7582, emailing your request to, or ordering from our website at Copies of these labels, plus instructions for their installation, can be found on our website at
  4. Review now and also print and retain for future reference the following new or improved operation and information materials for Aero’s Easy Cover system:
    • Operations information:
    • Maintenance information:
    • Installation instructions have also been updated with our safety information on our website at
  5. Place this safety notice and the manuals you printed in a place where the user and maintenance/repair personnel will always have access to them, such as in a glove-box in the truck’s cab.
  6. If you have sold or transferred your Easy Cover system to another, please let us know immediately so that the new owner can receive these updates.
  7. Any questions? Contact us at any time by phone, email, or through our website. Your safety and satisfaction are our priority!

Aero Industries, Inc.