Rolling Tarp System

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The Original Rolling Tarp System since 1984

Aero Conestoga

Groundbreaking engineering that sets the bar

Aero’s history as a leader in the industry includes the introduction of the first rolling tarp system, the Conestoga, in 1984.

Over 30 years of continued research and development has ensured that the Conestoga remains the best rolling tarp system on the market today.

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Industry’s Undisputed Best Wheel and Track System

The track and wheel design utilizes a unique ‘V’ groove, eliminating the need for numerous, secondary guide wheels. This design also eliminates wheel ‘flat spots’ commonly seen in competitor models.

A built-in bump rail reduces impact damage and further maximizes overall system longevity.

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Competitor Q
Competitor T
V-Groove Wheels
Stainless Steel
V-Groove Track Insert
Rubber Seal
Built-in Bump Rail
Aero Conestoga Wheel and Track System
Steel on Steel Wheel and Track Design
V-Groove Wheels Will Not Flatten
Lifetime Warranty On All Wheels and Bearings
20 Wheels on 48' and 53' System vs Competitor’s 74
Bump Rail protects the track and seals the tarp
Bow J-Clamp keeps tarp secure and system sealed

1.1 Internal Track Design Increases System Longevity

The Conestoga was designed to house the wheels within the track system, providing increased wheel protection from the trailer load and outdoor elements.

The stainless steel track and steel V-groove shaped wheels allow the operator to fully open and close the system with ease.

Wheels are not exposed to the elements

Steel on steel equals ease of rolling and less maintenance


Two Great Rear Locks

Both lock systems travel with the rear bow allowing for maximum load clearance

All Steel Components

Operated Completely from the Ground

Front Latch Lock

Allows for easy opening and closing of the front bow to the bulkhead

A double hinged latch tightly secures the front bow to the bulkhead while ensuring a watertight seal. Latch Locks are operated from the ground for increased safety.


Built-in Handles for ease of operation

Stainless steel cane bolt securely locks handle

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Uplift Bows Reduce Tarp Sag

Uplift bows are designed to reduce tarp sag and maximize internal load clearance. Spring shocks on the Conestoga uplift bows absorb vibrations from road conditions and extend system and tarp life.

Maximizes inside loading clearance by reducing tarp sag

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Double Uplift 8-10 inches of internal
tarp drop
Spring Shock maintenance free – no
bushings to repair or replace
Quad Uplift 4-5 inches of internal
tarp drop
Quint Uplift 2-3 inches of internal
tarp drop
Spring Shock maintenance free – no
bushings to repair or replace

Robust 30" Front and Rear Bows

The front and rear bows of the Conestoga were designed to be 30" wide, resulting in increased ease of rolling and added stability when compared to systems with narrow bows.

Rear bow has full exterior sheet for additional strength and final tarp installation adjustments

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Available without full exterior sheet and adjustable tarp clamp


Bulkhead Available in Both Dot and Non-Dot Models

Non-DOT bulkheads are available with or without access doors. Access doors are available as both standard and heavy duty. The sleek, smooth aerodynamic design reduces drag and increases fuel efficiency. An optional polished alumninum front sheet is available for all models.

Built-in front lock assemblies for maximum loading clearance

Available with optional chain racks and trays


*Industry’s Only DOT rated bulkhead to meet both the U.S. Department of Transportation width regulation 658.16 (b)(2)(vi) and standard 393.114 (c)(2) for loads up to 50,000 lbs. NOTE: Any bulkhead with a door is non-DOT rated. Bulkhead access doors are 6 x 3 feet.

Standard non-dot without door

Standard non-dot with door (T-handle locks)

Standard Dot
(not available with door)*

Heavy duty non-dot with door (stainless steel lock rod)

corrugated front sheet
for added strength
Cam Lock


AeroRad duals as an aerodynamic rear end device that reduces drag and saves valuable fuel.

AeroRad also secures the curtain to the rear bow for a watertight seal.

No buckles, straps, velcro or bungees required

Simple and fast over center cam lock


The Conestoga offers two rear curtain options—a Roll and a Pull curtain. Choose the way you want to operate the rear based on your needs and preferences.

Roll Curtain Crank handle operation
Underbody handle storage included
Full rear opening and clearance
Pull Curtain Rope and pulley operation
No crank handle required
Does not provide full height clearance

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