Front-to-Back Tarp System

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Revolutionary New Tarp System

The AeroForce tarp system provides almost twice the downforce versus other leading front to back tarp systems. This additional downforce reduces arm bounce and system wear and tear, while keeping your load safe and secure.

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Our revolutionary compression spring technology out muscles the competition

Our compression spring minimizes fatigue and tension loss, allowing you to transport even the heaviest load safely and securely, haul after haul. Heavy duty, all aluminum arm construction protects the spring from road and environmental elements, ensuring maximum spring longevity

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Spring Technology Casing

The industry’s most powerful spring

Our patented internal compression spring technology is engineered to perform in even the harshest operating conditions.


Minimizes spring fatigue and tension loss over time 1 compression spring = 8 clock springs

AeroForce compression spring AeroForce Compression Spring
competitor’s clock spring Competitor Springs
2.1 Most Powerful Spring

The AeroForce F2B system is available in 3 pivot arm sizes and spring configurations allowing for a customized solution for every truck in your fleet, from a 13′ dump body to a 53′ trailer.

  • Large Pivot

    3 compression springs equals 24 industry clock springs from 41′ to 53′

  • Medium Pivot

    2 compression springs equals 16 industry clock springs from 26′ to 45′

  • Small Pivot

    1 compression spring equals 8 industry clock springs up to 30′

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Raising the industry bar for strength, durability
and good looks

Our revolutionary arm technology is 8x stronger than the competition. The strength, shape, and size of the arm extrusions, plus our unbelievably strong 90° corner castings set the industry bar.

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2.44″ x 4.69″

AeroForce one-piece adjustable design maximizes strength and simplifies installation

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The industry’s only adjustable one-piece arm, is stronger than a two-piece design, and allows the installer to easily adjust the arm lengths. The corner castings are the largest in the industry and built for strength and longevity.


Industry’s strongest and most stable swing arms

The unique AeroForce pivots and swing arms provide unmatched side-to-side stability. No product on the market comes close to the AeroForce.

AeroForce pivots and arms are less than 3" wide and can be mounted on either the driver or passenger side.

unmatched side-to-side swing arm stability

AeroForce® | Patents

United States:




May apply to flip and side-to-side systems. Other patents pending.

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