Flatbed Products

Be ready for any driving condition with the versatility and ease of this flat bed tarp system.


Flatbed Systems & Accessories

These systems are specifically designed for flatbed trucks, all customizable depending on the size of your truck and your specific haul. Aero’s most innovative tarping system is the ConestogaXP, a panelized tarping system that takes the work out of protecting your load.

Conestoga XP

With quick release front and rear locks, the Conestoga XP® is ideal for any driver who makes multiple stops. It can be operated from the ground, opened and closed from the front or the rear, cutting operation time in half.

DuraLite Bulkheads

Protect yourself and your load with these DOT-rated bulkheads in 10″ or 22″ turn back, robot-welded for strength and durability. Also available in flat (no wrap) models (non-DOT rated).

Side Kits

This interlocking side panel and stake kit is so easy to use, a single person can transform your flatbed into a covered trailer without limiting the room for hauling.

Tool and Storage Boxes

Protect items from the elements with storage boxes of almost any shape and size for your needs. Keep things safe with these tough, and attractive boxes.